Employment History


February 2010, to present

CEO CoachingConfidential Inc. Executive Coaching, HR Consulting, & Training

-Adjunct Professor, Levene Graduate School, Business Faculty University of Regina

-Graduate School: EMBA 803 - Teach Strategic Human Resources to the Executive MBA class

-Undergrads: Bus 250 - Introduction to HR, Bus 260 - Organizational Behavior, Bus 405 – Business, Government, and Society, Bus 357- Compensation, Sept. 2011

-2011 Appointed Adjunct Professor: Strategic Human Resource Management, Levene Graduate School, Business Faculty, U of R

May 2009, to February 2010

-Associate Deputy Minister to the Premier: Responsible for HR Strategy and Executive Recruiting

September, 2007, to May 2009

-Lecturer: Human Resource Management, Faculty of Business Administration University of Regina

June, 2000

Workers’ Compensation Board, Regina

Manager of Employee Development – July 2000 to Dec. 2004

Manager of Audits/Collections – Jan. 2005 to Dec 2005

Manager of Employee Development/HR Advisor – June 2007

Major accomplishments:

  • Project leader for the Implementation of Competency      based HR job profiles/descriptions for 50+ out of scope positions, and      100+ in scope positions.
  • Developed and delivered Customer Service Training to      200+ WCB employees
  • Implemented Management Development program.
  • Led initiative to redeploy 22 impacted employees whose      jobs were redundant under restructuring.
  • Initiated new Competency based Performance Management      process.
  • Led Cultural audit for 2003/2004
  • Completed Post Graduate Certificate in Executive      Coaching from Royal Roads University, Victoria
  • Achieved certification to facilitate “Excelerator      Coaching Wkshps”, and have facilitated internally.
  • Achieved certification facilitate “Legacy Leadership      Wkshps”, and have facilitated internally
  • Project leader for the full implementation of online      Behavioral/Technical Competency Assessment, supported by Development and      Career Planning opportunity
  • Developed and implemented “Cultural Intervention” wkshp
  • Developed and implemented “Emotional Intelligence”      wkshp
  • Trained all Management in Excellerator Coaching and      Legacy Leadership
  • Increased audit numbers, Collections were at 96.5% of      outstanding receivables.

1995, September - June 2000

Lindale School, Moose Jaw

Principal - 384 students, 21 teachers, secretary, and 2 aides.

Major Accomplishments:

- Special Education programming for 103 students experiencing special needs in academic or behavioral.

- Over 20 Special Education initiatives to serve student needs.

- Expanded outdoor education program to include: (budget $10,000+)

- Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 5-day trips

- Grades 4, 6 overnight trips

- Grade 7 canoe trip overnight

- Grade 8 week at Cypress Hills.

- Implemented Arts Ed. curriculum for middle years, using specialists for Dance, Music, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts.

- Expanded performing arts initiatives to include professional groups performing at Lindale.

- V. O. N. Certification for First Aid in Grade 7 and C. P. R. in Grade 8. Secured $1000.00 in outside funding to cover costs.

- Expanded Companion Reading to Kindergarten this year and Grade 2 in 1997/98.

- 17/21 teachers volunteered for noon hour supervision.

- Teacher supervision.

- Chairperson of Thunder Creek School Division Principals' Group 1996.

- Instructor at Palliser Campus in the Human Resources Certificate Program.

1993 - 1995

Lindale School, Moose Jaw

Vice-Principal - 370+ students and 20 teachers.

Teaching: Grade 8 Math, Social Studies, Science and 4/5 P.E.

Major Accomplishments:

New Administrative and school initiatives were developed and brought in using a team approach:

- Guiding principle for all school decisions, "If it's good for kids, let's do it."

- School motto "Learning for Life".

- House system K - 8.

- Intramurals for K - 8.

- Canteen run by the SRC.

- K - 8 Christmas Concert.

- Missoula Children's Theatre.

- Special Education Behavior Modification program.

- Introduced Advisory Groups.

- Established Middle Years as a definite grouping.

- Kindergarten Orientation Day.

- Expanded Volleyball and Basketball to six school teams (3 boys and 3 girls).

- Curling Program introduced in Grades 3 - 5.

- Updated texts to correspond with new curriculum.

- Peer Mediation Program brought in.

- K - 8 Award Program introduced.

- Introduced Discipline cycle.

- Grades set up as families so they experience similar activities.

- Student assemblies on monthly basis.

- Expanded Fine Arts by bringing in performing, professional groups.

1992 September - December

Principal, Loreburn Central High School

Division 3 and 4 School.

Taught Economics 12, Social Studies 10, P. E. 7 and 12, and Psychology 11.

1992 February

Teacher, Division 3, Rouleau School

Grade 7 Math and Science.

Grade 9 Social Studies and Science.

1989 July

General Manager of Human Resources

Responsible for all aspects of HR to Telco Co.:

Operating Budget 2.7 M

Payroll Budget 3.2 M

Human Resources Employees 80

SaskTel Employees 3700

Major Accomplishments:

- Enhanced retirement program for 240 participants.

- Downsize from 4500 to 3700 employees, no layoffs.

- Established: Reward and Recognition Program, Wellness Program, Stress Seminars, HR Strategic Planning, State of the Art Human Resources Management System, Needs Based Training and Development.

- Expanded Employee Assistance Program.

- Facilitated workshop on Leadership & Personality to SaskTel and school principal's groups.

1988 February - June

Manager of Organizational Development

Major Accomplishments:

- Established succession planning.

- Established management development program.

1988 September

Manager of Vehicles and Accommodations

Major Accomplishments:

- Negotiated fleet vehicle lease at a savings of $250,000 a year for three years.

1987 February

Acting General Manager of Supplies and Services

Accountable for the maintenance of 1200 buildings, new construction, plus distribution and purchasing of goods and services with an Operating Budget of 29 M and a Capital Budget of 3.5 M.

Major Accomplishments:

- Introduced Mission Statement and strategic planning process to Supplies and Service.


Manager of Vehicles, Accommodations,

Administration Services

Major Accomplishments:

- Downsized fleet from 1350 vehicles to 1170 vehicles.

- Established strategy for the implementation of a fleet management system.


Manager of Building and Towers

Major Accomplishments:

- Introduced performance management to group.

- Restructured to provide customer service from the planning stage to final acceptance of completed buildings by customers.

Responsible for issues and policies related to SaskTel, SaskComputer Corporation, and Education.

1985 - 83

Research and Policy Advisor for

Government of Saskatchewan

Major Accomplishments:

- Co-coordinated the establishment of the Employment Development Agency for the Province of Saskatchewan.

- Worked with SaskTel on two early retirement programs 1983 - 86.

- Drafting of position paper for the Distance Education initiative.

1977 - 1983

Principal, Hanley Composite School

Major Accomplishments:

- Achieved 100% pass of Grade 12 by 2nd year, lowered drop out rate to "0" by 2nd year.

- Established mandatory PE Grades K - 12.

- Established downhill ski program at Kindergarten level, the 1st in the province.

- Founding Chairperson of Principals' Group.

- Granted Educational Leave to complete Masters Degree.

- Provincial championship in football and basketball.

-Taught Educational Administration at the University of Saskatchewan.

1972 - 1977

Principal, Loreburn High School

Major Accomplishments:

- Achieved 100% pass at Grade 12 level on external exams in 2nd year and maintained it for 4 years.

- Lowered drop out rate to "0" in 3rd year and maintained it.

- Won provincial football championship.

1970 – 1972

Taught Grades 5 - 6 and Grades 7 - 8, Lafleche

Major Accomplishments:

- Established house system for Grades 1 - 10.

- Elected Mayor of Lafleche.

- Conference Chairperson for Outdoor Education.

1968 - 1969

Physical Education Director, Coronach School

Coronach, Saskatchewan

Major Accomplishments:

- Established comprehensive PE program K - 12 for 300 students.

Formal Education:

2004 Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, Royal Roads University, Victoria BC.

1990 Strategic Human Resource Management, Harvard Business School, Boston.

1988 "The Management Course" American Management Association, 4 weeks.

1983 MBA. University of Saskatchewan partial.

1982 Master of Education Administration

University of Saskatchewan.

1981 Post Graduate Diploma in Education

Administration Major: Change Theory and Organizational Development.

1970 Bachelor of Education, University of

Regina. Major: Physical Education and Middle Years.

Past and Present Professional and Civic Organization

Activities and Involvement:

- Past member of Advisory Board for the Canadian Management Center, Toronto.

- Past President of the Regina Human Resource Management Association.

- Member of the American Management Association.

- Chairperson Conflict of Interest Committee, SaskTel.

- Chairperson of Saskatoon East School Division's Teachers' Negotiating Committee (LINC).

- Chairperson of Saskatoon East School Division's Principals’ Group.

- Saskatchewan Teachers Federation Counselor.

- Chairperson of Outlook School Division's Teachers' Negotiating Committee.

- Member of the Home and School, St. Marguerite Bourgeois Elementary School, Regina.

- Chairperson of Thunder Creek School Division LINC Committee.

- Chairperson of Holy Cross Parish Council


Close relationship with my family, reading, jogging, skiing, and involvement in community and professional groups.